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Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is open 363 days a year - and no two days are alike. With far more than 100 different exotic animal species, educational experiences can be found all year round.

Precious experiences all year

On the savannah, giraffes munch alongside zebras, kudus and the rare oryx antelopes. The polar bears enjoy a cooling dip in the water, the red panda has just been served fresh bamboo and suddenly you can hear a mighty roar from the male lion Akash letting the entire zoo know that this is his territory. At Aalborg Zoo, you can meet 11 out of the 12 most popular zoo animals and this is the only place in Denmark where you can experience the orangutan from Borneo and the Asian lion. 

Aalborg Zoo is open 363 days a year - and no two days are alike. With far more than 100 different exotic animal species, educational experiences can be found all year round. You can see how the animals adapt to the different seasons and watch the baby animals grow. And you can try and find the curious and lesser known animals. In the South American house, the sloths climb freely about in the lianas above your head. This is also the place to be if you want to get close to an armadillo and perhaps see a capybara for the first time. 

International programme

Together with various organisations and other zoos around the world, Aalborg Zoo is highly involved in various international projects concerning the conservation of endangered animal species, nature preservation, sustainability, communication of knowledge and research.


Aalborg Zoo is the first zoo in the world to get the ISO-certification. This has led to an increased focus on the environment with many years of efforts to limit and reduce negative environmental impact and working strategically with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Aalborg Zoo focus on the following areas: Reducing consumption of natural resources - especially of water, heat and energy. Recycling of resources through waste sorting. Conscious choice of materials e.g. FSC-labeled wood and choosing products that are locally produced or organic. Active participation in nature conservation projects locally as well as internationally. Dissemination to increase awareness among their audience about the environment and the connection with nature conservation as well as research collaborations that can contribute to the above points.

Make the zoo your own backyard

With season tickets to Aalborg Zoo, you can use the zoo as much as you use your own backyard. You can play on the playground as often as you like, do your homework overlooking the giraffes on the savannah, invite family and friends on a picnic at the cosy barbecue area or simply enjoy a quiet moment in the sun on our great lawn. You can also experience the zoo by night at our annual barbecue night or visit us early in the morning to see all the animals wake up. Once a year, you can invite a friend to the zoo for free and you will have free access to all the exciting events all year round at the zoo, including a number of discounts and free visits to some of the other zoos in Denmark.

Seeing as Aalborg Zoo is located just 15 minutes away from the city centre, it is the perfect location for a family trip, a party, a kid's birthday, or simply just enjoying the nature away from the city-noise. If you are visiting Aalborg Zoo in a larger group, it is possible to order a guided tour which allows you to experience the "behind the scenes" of Aalborg Zoo, as well as to arrange a uniquely tailored event.

Enjoyment and communication go hand in hand at Aalborg Zoo. At the Zoofari stage, the zoo’s own trained animals perform with their keepers in entertaining shows to teach the audience new things about animals from all over the world. At the elephant house, we focus on combating poaching in South Africa. Together with the zoo’s guests, Aalborg Zoo supports a groundbreaking project which successfully fights for the survival of elephants and rhinoceroses. Nature preservation is a part of the zoo's DNA. They use co-ordinated breeding programmes to ensure healthy and viable populations of endangered animals. Aalborg Zoo contributes animals to be reintroduced to the wild from its heard of oryx antelopes, a species which was formerly extinct in the wild.

Practical information

Aalborg Zoo offers several areas for you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Bring along your lunch or enjoy a meal at Restaurant Skovbakken in Aalborg Zoo…

The exit closes 1 hour after admission stops.

Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash.

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