Denmark's Michelin-starred restaurants

Photo: Alison Vagnini - Copenhagen Media Center

Denmark is Scandinavia's gourmet food powerhouse with Michelin Stars and star-studded restaurants to choose from, everywhere from Aarhus to Copenhagen. So let's dig in!

Denmark continues to lead the way in sustainability, receiving new Green Michelin stars in 2023.

noma summer menu
Photo: Ditte Isager

noma ***

If you have heard about New Nordic cuisine, you've heard of noma. This restaurant is considered a lighthouse within the Scandinavian gourmet food scene and has been named the world's best restaurant five times! Noma gained a third star in 2021 while Rene Redzepi, the restaurant's co-owner/chef, won the award for the Best Mentor Chef. 

Photo: Ulrika Mårtensson

Geranium ***

Geranium is Denmark's first restaurant to receive three Michelin stars. It was also ranked the 1st on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, and is run by the chef voted the world's best back in 2011, Rasmus Kofoed.

Restaurant Alchemist Copenhagen
Photo: Claes Bech Poulsen

Alchemist **

Even before Restaurant Alchemist opened in the summer of 2019, there was a lot of talk about chef Rasmus Munk and his holistic 50 course menu (yes, you read it right. 50 courses!). And it seems to have caught the attention of the Michelin judges as well, because Restaurant Alchemist was awarded with not one but two Michelin stars in its first year. In 2022 it was voted number 18 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants

Michelin restaurant AOC in Copenhagen
Photo: Søren Gammelmark - Copenhagen Media Center

AOC **

Copenhagen restaurant AOC maintains its two Michelin Stars due to the team's excellent and inventive Danish dishes. AOC aims to give its guests the ultimate sensory experience by activating and stimulating as many of your senses as possible.

Restaurant Frederikshøj in Aarhus
Photo: Restaurant Frederikshøj - VisitAarhus

Frederikshøj **

Claiming its second star in 2022 Restaurant Frederikshøj is in the top-league of Danish gastronomy, thanks in no small measure to the prize-winning celebrity chef Wassim Hallal. At the 2022 awards Hallal also took home Michelin's Chef Mentor Award.  

Michelin restaurant Henne Kirkeby Kro in West Jutland
Photo: Henne Kirkeby Kro

Henne Kirkeby Kro **

This two-Michelin-Starred restaurant on the west coast of Denmark consistently impresses visitors with its lovely, quaint setting and exciting dishes. 

Jordnær is a Michelin restaurant located just 10 km north of Copenhagen
Photo: Restaurant Jordnær - VisitCopenhagen

Jordnær **

If you're looking for a no-nonsense Michelin experience, Restaurant Jordnær is the place to go - the name literally means 'down to earth'. The restaurant, located just 10 km north of Copenhagen, made it to number 38 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2022. 

Restaurant Kadeau Copenhagen has two Michelin stars
Photo: Marie Louise Munkegaard - Copenhagen Media Center

Kadeau Copenhagen **

Kadeau is a small piece of Bornholm in the middle of Copenhagen. The menu is inspired by the specialities of Bornholm and based on Danish ingredients. The restaurant earned its second Michelin star in 2018.

Kong Hans Kælder was the first restaurant in Copenhagen to receive a Michelin star
Photo: Restaurant Kong Hans Kælder - Copenhagen Media Center

Kong Hans Kælder **

Ever wondered which Copenhagen's restaurant was the first to receive a Michelin star? Well, look no further because Kong Hans Kælder (King Hans' Cellar) is the answer. This restaurant earned a star in 1983...and 38 years later, in 2021, gained its second. 

Restaurant Koan
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Koan, Copenhagen **

Korean-born chef-owner Kristian Baumann leads a team in an open kitchen, providing an immensely engaging experience from start to finish, with technically accomplished and completely original cooking. 

Photo: Alison Vagnini - Copenhagen Media Center

Alouette *

Restaurant Alouette is situated in graffiti-covered corridors located on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. The restaurant was awarded one star in 2019 after being open for only a year, and especially their sauces were highlighted by the inspectors.

Restaurant domestic in Aarhus
Photo: Restaurant domestic

Domestic *

Domestic serves mouth-watering dishes based on locally produced ingredients and with plenty of Danish hygge on the side. The restaurant is located in the heart of Aarhus, which makes this an ideal dining experience when visiting Denmark's City of Smiles.

Mouth-watering dessert at the Michelin restaurant Formel B
Photo: Formel B - Copenhagen Media Center

formel B *

Formel B is run by Rune Jochumsen and Kristian Møller who have taken their restaurant to the top of the Copenhagen restaurant-chart. Formel B has an innovative French cuisine that changes its menus every fortnight.

Hotel Frederiksminde has a Michelin star and is located south of Copenhagen
Photo: frame&work - SydkystDanmark

Frederiksminde *

Hotel Frederiksminde is a tiny eight-table restaurant in southern Zealand. Dine with a view of the fjord while enjoying seasonal, creative cooking.

Restaurant Gastrome
Photo: Restaurant Gastromé - VisitAarhus

Gastromé *

Gastromé is yet another Michelin one-starred restaurant, but it sets itself apart with impressive technical cooking and an intimate setting in Aarhus' Latin Quarter.

Chef plating at michelin star restaurant Jatak in Copenhagen
Photo: Santiago de la Vega, Wonderful Copenhagen

Jatak *

Awarded its first star just 6 months after opening in 2022, Restaurant Jatak is the new star on the block in Copenhagen's hip Nørrebro neighbourhood. The name literally translates into "Yes, please". So when the waiter asks if you'd like seconds, you'll know what to say: Ja tak!

Kadeau Bornholm is a Michelin starred restaurant on the island of Bornholm
Photo: Marie Louise Munksgaard - Kadeau Bornholm

Kadeau Bornholm *

Set on the island of Bornholm, Kadeau's vacation outpost offers up superb local faire at five or eight course tasting menus. Don't worry, you're in award-winning hands. 

Restaurant Domæne
Photo: Restaurant Domæne

Domæne, Herning *

The intimate restaurant housed inside a stunning wooden dome serves creative Nordic dishes that display an excellent level of skill and refinement.

GDK Restaurant Tri, Agger
Photo: Tri

Tri, Agger *

In a small coastal town by the North Sea, Chef Nicholas Min Jørgensen has created a menu themed around seasonal and local produce with a nose-to tail, low waste ethos.

Restaurant Lyst at Fjordenhus, Vejle in Denmark
Photo: Anders Sune Berg - Fjordenhus


Daniel McBurnie's Restaurant Lyst is housed in an outstanding building designed by Olafur Eliasson and focuses on locally sourced ingredients. It won its first star in 2021.

Michelin restaurant Marchal is located in the historic and luxurious Hotel d'Angleterre
Photo: Hotel D'Angleterre - Copenhagen Media Center

Marchal *

Located in the historic and luxurious Hotel d'Angleterre in the heart of Copenhagen, Restaurant Marchal beautifully combines the Nordic and French classics while adding a modern twist. Tip: Marchal has a renowned weekend brunch that you should also check out if you have the time - and manage to get a table!

Plates of food at Michelin starred restaurant Mota in western Zealand
Photo: VisitOdsherred

Mota *

Shellfish from the fjord and veggies from the countryside meet in sweet unison on the plates at restaurant Mota. Chef Claus Henriksen, formerly chef at Dragsholm Castle, is behind this 2022 Michelin star newcomer located in western Zealand.

Michelin restaurant The Samuel in Copenhagen
Photo: The Samuel

The Samuel

Located in the chi-chi waterfront suburb of Hellerup, north of Copenhagen, this restaurant specialises in exquisite food and wine pairings and won its first Michelin star in 2021.

Dragsholm Castle has a michelin starred restaurant
Photo: Kim Wyon

Slotskøkkenet *

The kitchen in this old castle on the west coast of Zealand offers sophisticated and satisfying New Nordic cuisine in a beautiful countryside setting, earning its first Michelin Star in 2017.

Michelin-starred Restaurant Substans in Aarhus, Denmark
Photo: Claudia Zaltenbach – Dinner um Acht


Aarhus' restaurant Substans has undergone a transformation in recent years, losing its star in 2020 and then moving to a new location on top of Pakhusene, complete with 1960s architecture. It regained its star in 2021.



Michelin starred chefs at Syttende Restaurant in Sønderborg, Denmark
Photo: Restaurant Syttende


On the south Denmark island of Als, the Restaurant Syttende, received its first star in 2021. Run by Jesper Koch, the restaurant is located on the top floor of the Alsik Hotel overlooking Sønderborg town.

The charming Søllerød Inn is a Michelin restaurant located north of Copenhagen
Photo: Søllerød Kro - Copenhagen Media Center

Søllerød Kro *

Recharge your batteries while sinking your teeth into one of the outstanding gourmet menus at Søllerød Kro, a charming country inn located about 30 minutes north of Copenhagen. 

Restaurant Ti Trin Ned in Fredericia
Photo: Ti Trin Ned

Ti Trin Ned *

Thanks to their ambitious menu combining Nordic, French, and molecular gastronomy, restaurant Ti Trin Ned is the first restaurant in Fredericia to receive a Michelin star.

Villa Vest Restaurant
Photo: Lønstrup Turistbureau

Villa Vest, Lønstrup *

Precisely cooked and highly creative dishes are served at this beautiful restaurant built on a cliffside and overlooking the waves from the North Sea lashing underneath.

Restaurant Aro
Photo: Elvinas

Aro, Odense *

The first Michelin Star for the third biggest Island of Denmark, Fyn. Aro is set in an old factory on the edge of town. The contemporary restaurant offers a concise menu that showcases a mix of the rustic with the refined.