Carlsberg Byen

What's new in 2024 in Denmark

Photo: Andreas Raun

These are just a taster of Denmark's newest attractions, sights and events in 2024. From Vikings to coffee championships and eco-friendly island hopping, we have a little something for everyone.

De mooiste natuur bestemmingen van Denemarken? Dit zijn ze
Photo: © Mitch Wiesinger

Carl's Camino in Funen

Named after renowned Danish composer Carl Nielsen, Carl's Camino is a beautiful new trail rolling through the island of Funen. The scenic route is a 110km hiking experience, not only retracing Nielsen's formative footsteps but accompanied by captivating tales from his life and melodies of his music, too. 

Carlsberg Byen
Photo: Andreas Raun

Home of Carlsberg

Technically, this experience opened at the end of 2023, but it's so good we had to mention it here, too! Experience the full history of this iconic brand in the original brewery of Carlsberg, the best beer in the world. Probably. 

Andersen & Maillard - Bäckerei und Café in Kopenhagen
Photo: Andrea Nuñez - Copenhagen Media Center

World Coffee Championships

We love coffee in Denmark (we have one of the highest consumptions in the world!), but how about letting the experts show us how it's done? See some of our leading speciality roasters battle it out for the crown in the Bella Center from the 27th to the 29th of June. 

Barn løper på stranden på Samsø, Danmark
Photo: Mette Johnsen

Eco-friendly Island Hopping

Two new electric ferries will be operating to the island of Samsø and the peninsula of Als, making your island hopping holiday that little bit greener. With Alslinjen, explorers can uncover the charms of South Funen and the Als peninsula – enjoying upscale dining experiences and charming seaside towns. Samsølinjen allows you to take in one of our most sustainable islands, celebrated for achieving 100% energy self-sufficiency in 2007!

Wadden Sea island Mandø during sunset
Photo: Lars Roed

Mandø Dark Sky Park

Mandø is set to receive its Dark Sky Park certification in 2024. Already a haven for nature enthusiasts and stargazers, this small island is only accessible by tractor bus and is Denmark's optimal location for celestial observations. 

Commemorating Denmark's Viking Legacy

Five Viking Age Ring Fortresses have become Denmark's latest UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. Aggersborg, Fyrkat, Nonnebakken, Trelleborg, and Borgring offer a fascinating glimpse into the Viking legacy. 

View of the water by Gilleleje
Photo: Ann Jørgensen

Gilleleje Sø- og Havbad

This luxurious spa hotel is nestled in the charming coastal town of Gilleleje, just under an hour north of Copenhagen. This elegantly refurbished town hall will feature 40 opulent rooms, an outdoor pool and spectacular views of the Danish Riviera. 

Chefs preparing dinner in Restaurant Substans in Aarhus
Photo: Claudia Zaltenbach - Dinner um Acht

20 years of the Nordic Food Manifesto

The Nordic Food Manifesto celebrates its 20th birthday. The groundbreaking vision created by talented Nordic chefs laid the groundwork for the exciting and revolutionary food scene we still enjoy in Denmark today. Keep an eye out for exciting events throughout the year.