Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse and sand dunes, North Jutland

13 awe-inspiring wonders in the North of Denmark

Photo: © Mette Johnsen

If you think we don't do big in Denmark, think again. These jaw-dropping sights will blow you away! From iconic landmarks losing their fight against the powerful ocean, to hidden treasures slowly covered by the sands of time, North Jutland truly is a region of awe-inspiring wonders.

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in front of blue sky, North Jutland in Denmark
Photo: © Mads Gregersen

The iconic Rubjerg Knude

We’ll start with Rubjerg Knude, one of Denmark’s most iconic landmarks, because you have to hurry to see it! In just a few short years the famous lighthouse, perched on cliff-high dunes on Denmark’s north coast, might plunge right into the sea. Amazing to think that when it was built over 100 years ago, it was 200m inland! Get here while you still can and climb up to the spectacular viewing platform at the top of the lighthouse. (Photo: @claireonline)

Drone photo of Grenen in Skagen, North Jutland
Photo: Dennis Lundby

The colliding seas at Grenen

Take paddling to a whole new extreme by standing in two seas at once! Grenen is not only Denmark’s northernmost point. It’s also a natural wonder of colliding seas where the waters don’t mix; a unique spectacle that you can only experience at a few places in the world. You’ll have to leave the swimming to the local seals though! The current is too strong. But a dip in the shallow waters is an unforgettable experience for all ages.

Råbjerg Mile North Jutland
Photo: @indispensablelady

The mini desert at Råbjerg Mile

Desert? In Denmark? Well, not technically, but it’s pretty close! Råbjerg Mile is a fascinating phenomenon; a giant migrating set of sand dunes, the largest in Northern Europe, moving at a staggering 15 metres per year. Walk out into this almost lunar landscape and you’ll forget that you are less than 20 mins from the holiday town of Skagen in the north of Denmark!

The Sand Buried Church North Jutland
Photo: @christian_faber_fotos

The intriguing sand-buried church

The locals around St. Laurence church were pretty devoted, when you consider that for many years, they had to dig their way into the church to attend Sunday service! If you get up close to the dramatic 14th century white tower still visible today, you’re actually standing on the rest of the church. It was completely buried in sand over 200 years ago. The sand-buried church is now a beautiful backdrop for cultural events and of course, selfies!

Skagen in North Jutland
Photo: Mette Johnsen

The artsy holiday town of Skagen

Skagen is a 700-year-old fishing village turned holiday haven. The idyllic seaside town not only oozes Danish hygge, but its rich cultural and culinary heritage makes it the perfect place for quality time, for relaxation and for contemplation. The lively fish auction is a must see, along with a trip to explore the famous artists inspired by this beautiful retreat at Skagen’s Museum.


Aalborg’s atmospheric Viking burial grounds

How many cities can claim to have their own mystical Viking burial grounds? Well Aalborg can! You can virtually step off the plane at Aalborg Airport and into the historical wonder of the stone circles at Lindholm Høje; an important Iron Age and Viking burial site over 1500 years old. Explore the museum exhibitions and enjoy the café just north of the Limfjord.


The welcoming surf community at Cold Hawaii

As you’ve probably guess from the name, Klitmøller is our own little surfers’ paradise that’s just a teensy bit colder than Hawaii! Whatever your level, head to Cold Hawaii to not only experience some of the best surfing conditions in Europe, but also for the laid-back and welcoming atmosphere of the surf community here. It’s Danish hygge and exercise rolled into one!


The sand-swept landscapes of Thy National Park

Head out into the untouched dunes, twisted forests and traditional seaside villages of Denmark's wildest national park. You'll easily see why the local rhythms and traditions in and around Thy National Park are shaped by the powerful North Sea, at fishing villages like Stenbjerg. You can even join fishing trips with local fishermen for a real taste of authentic park life.

Musikkens Hus in Aalborg, North Jutland
Photo: VisitAalborg

The waterfront city of Aalborg

Aalborg is a buzzing ancient city of cultural and culinary experiences set along the picturesque Limfjord. Take a stroll along the pretty waterfront area, once Aalborg’s industrial heart, now a cultural quarter. Stop off at important national sites like The House of Music (Musikkens Hus) and Nordic architecture and design hotspot, the Utzon Center, named after local Jørn Utzon, the architect behind Sydney Opera House.


The seaweed houses of Læsø island

Talk about making the most out of the sea’s bounty… Seaweed roofs were a tradition on Læsø island for centuries and you can visit 19 cottages with traditional eelgrass roofs, including many listed buildings, today. Læsø is also an island known for its delicious sea salt, and you can visit the saltworks to see how it’s made. Læsø is a fabulous island for a day trip of discovery.


The wild, wide and windy beaches of the North

If you like your beaches wild and rugged, then this part of Denmark is for you! While there are some beautiful calm beaches around the sheltered East Coast, the North is known for its dynamic dunes and wide stretches of pristine sand. The cute white beach huts and scenic holiday cottages at Løkken are Instagram favourites, along with the traditional blue fishing boats pulled up onto the sands.

Bulbjerg, natuur Denemarken, vakantie in Jutland
Photo: Nicolas Jægergaard

The bird cliffs at Bulbjerg

Make yourself feel small with a beach walk below the dramatic sheer limestone cliffs at Bulbjerg. They probably seem even more impressive because they’re the only rocky cliffs in the whole North Jutland region! You do have to share these 60 million year old rock formations though, with the teeming bird life at Bulbjerg. The cliffs are an important breeding ground for black-legged kittiwakes.


Wild oyster safari and geological wonders of the Limfjord

Did you know that some of the world’s best oysters come from Denmark? At the Limfjord, the picturesque stretch of water which separates North Jutland from mainland Denmark, you can go with the Danish Shellfish Center for a two-hour oyster hunt for some of Europe’s last remaining wild oysters. Stop off to see the unique geological wonders on the Limfjord islands of Fur and Mors along the way if you can!

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