Whale Safari on a boat in the Heart of Jutland, Denmark

Outdoor team activities in Denmark

Photo: Travis Lacy, Laban Stories

Denmark's nature and green urban areas provides a beautiful backdrop for team building activities and outdoor events. Here you'll find ideas & tips for organising team activities in the Danish outdoors.

14 Outdoor team building activities

Here are some ideas for team building activities that your company can organise in Denmark. Go hiking, canoeing, foraging or surfing in Denmarks beautiful nature, or stay close to the city and jump in a harbour bath or ski of a building (yes!). These activities are ideal for encouraging teamwork, boosting morale and finding new inspiration and perspectives. 

Photo: Amélie Louys

Ski in downtown Copenhagen

Leave it to Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to realise this ingenious new secondary use for a waste-to-energy plant - a ski slope! Known locally as CopenHill, this man-made slope allows your team to enjoy a quick skiing session without leaving Copenhagen, while helping Denmark in its continued sustainability and green initiatives. 

Whale Safari on a boat in the Heart of Jutland, Denmark
Photo: Travis Lacy, Laban Stories

Go on a whale safari

A little expectation management: it's not the big whales we're talking about! The type of whales swimming in the Danish waters, look like dolphins (also a type of whale). In Danish we know them as Marsviner, and in English it's Porpoises. In Nature Park Little Belt, Naturpark lillebælt,  you can join the most charming tour boats, where a guide will tell you all about the wonders of Porpoises.... Did you know they sleep with only half their brain?

Business events Green raft
Photo: Travis Lacy, Laban Stories

Cruise the Copenhagen canals on a Green Raft

Cruise along the canals of Copenhagen aboard the Green Raft, a unique wooden raft adorned with lanterns, plant-adorned fences, and a spacious long table, all powered by repurposed rubbish truck batteries. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and cozy "hygge" ambiance while a dedicated captain guides you safely through the harbor, allowing you to unwind and take in the picturesque surroundings with your team.


Forage oysters in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Did you know that you can experience a UNESCO World Heritage Site whilst foraging for a gourmet dinner? Well, in Denmark that's just what we call an average Tuesday (at least for those of us living next to the Wadden Sea National Park). You can go on an oyster safari where you'll learn about the area's flora and fauna as well as stuffing your face with a world-class gourmet snack.

Bridgewalking Lillebælt on Fyn
Photo: © Lillebæltsbro (1935) - Anker Engelund. Fotograf: Mitch Wiesinger

Go bridgewalking

Fun fact: Denmark is the only place outside Sydney where you can try bridgewalking! Take in spectacular views and get your team's adrenaline pumping over the top of the old Little Belt Bridge. 


Puzzle your way through an Escape Tour in Aalborg

An escape room, but then outdoors. Divide your team in smaller groups (5-7 people) and go on a puzzle solving adventure of approx. 1,5-2 hours. Besides Aalborg, you can also arrange English escape tours in the rest of Denmark. 


Climb above the treetops at Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure is the perfect spot to enjoy some outdoor team building activities, like walking up the Forest Tower and marvelling at the views of South Zealand from the top of the tower. Plus, it's only 50 minutes outside of Copenhagen! Camp Adventure also offers fully organised team building programs.


Jump in The Harbour Bath in Aarhus

In the city of Aarhus you'll find the perfect break with your team. The Harbour Bath (Havnebadet) in Aarhus is designed by the famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingels Group BIG. The triangular floating complex comprises a rectangular 50-metre-long swimming pool and a circular diving pool, two saunas and changing rooms.


Go foraging with a local food ranger

Ever wondered if you could experience a place... by eating it? Take your team foraging in beautiful landscapes and let them get a taste of the season's mushrooms, herbs, berries and more. Here you will find an overview of local rangers in Denmark and contact them for a guided tour. 


Hike one of Denmark's National Parks

Bring your team for a hike in one of Denmark's wild and beautiful National Parks. Allow us to introduce Denmark’s best forests, countryside and seaside right here: our five beautiful and very different national parks, along with our UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Kanoën op de Gudenå
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Canoe along the Gudenå river

A canoe trip on the Gudenå is both a scenic and challenging experience. The river is widely used during the summer by canoeists who go on a trip of one or more days duration. Sailing is allowed around the clock and throughout the year. The river is home to more than 80 plant species, of which 44 aquatic species.

A lady running at the rooftop playground Konditaget Lüders in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

Work out on a Copenhagen rooftop

Start your meeting day with a team workout 24 meters above ground. The Konditag Lüders is unlike any other gym. JAJA Architects are behind the park on top of a multi-story car park, which combines Øresund views with cross fit and TRX facilities, trampolines, swings, a 60-eter sprint course and a climbing spiral. 


Take a surfing lesson in Cold Hawaii

Located in Klitmoller, Thy, only 150 meters from the beach, Cold Hawaii Surf Camp offers team building activities in a wetsuit . Even if you're used to surfing only on the internet, no matter how young or old you are, this is where you are getting to know a new world between the waves in a safe and beginner friendly environment.


Look for fossils at Møns Klint

Møns Klint is one of Denmark's must-see landmarks. Aside from the dramatic scenery and lovely walks on top of the cliffs and the beach, you can also gather pieces of prehistoric times on fossil hunts, in association with Geocenter Møns Klint. Or even, take a kayak out and admire it from the sea! Here you can find guided tours for companies.