Ribe Cathedral

12 unique things to do in South Jutland and the West Coast

Photo: VisitRibe

Mad medieval tournaments, dancing sky-displays from a million birds swooping as one, giant monuments overlooking the ocean… Wonders dot the ancient borderland of South Jutland and the West Coast, a place where natural drama and history combine to make a fascinating destination.


Enter the gateway to the Wadden Sea National Park

There’s really no place like the UNESCO World Heritage tidal mud flats of the Wadden Sea National Park. Hunt giant oysters, take giant tractor buses across shallow water or explore the richness of the natural environment at the stunning Wadden Sea Centre.


Experience the awe of The Black Sun

This spectacle lives up to its dramatic name! At the Wadden Sea National Park, in spring and autumn, you can witness the murmurations of millions of starlings at dusk, as they flock together to roost. Around 12 million migratory birds pass through the national park en route to breeding and wintering grounds around the world.


Go beneath the dunes at the Tirpitz Museum

Hidden incredibly in the sand dunes of the West Coast, you’ll discover the Tirpitz Museum, designed by famous architect Bjarke Ingels. This unique bunker museum tells not only the story of the Atlantic Wall during World War II, but also the history of the region. See Denmark’s largest ‘Gold of the Sea’ (amber) collection here!


Get a feel for the Denmark of old in Ribe

Ribe is not bad looking, when you consider it’s 1300 years old! Officially Denmark’s oldest town, Ribe is full of charm and things to see like the Viking Museum and Viking Centre, ancient streets and a cathedral with spectacular views from its tower.

The sculpture Men by the Sea in Esbjerg
Photo: © Svend Wiig Hansen. Photographer: Lasse Lagoni

Stand beneath the spectacular giants watching the sea

Svend Wiig Hansen's giant 9-metre-high sculpture on the West Coast will make you want to do more than get your camera out for that selfie. It’ll likely make you ponder on the size of the world, on nature and that sort of thing. It’s that impressive! The seated white giants have become a symbol for the coastal city of Esbjerg.


Rekindle your love of play at the Legoland Billund Resort

Did you know that Denmark is the home of the brick? LEGO was created here, in this very region and a trip to the place where LEGO started is a pilgrimage the whole family will enjoy. Combine a trip to the original LEGOLAND at Billund with the iconic LEGO House nearby, designed by Bjarke Ingels.

Michelin restaurant Henne Kirkeby Kro in West Jutland
Photo: Henne Kirkeby Kro

Treat yourself at Henne Kirkeby Kro

This unmistakable thatched inn from 1790 has become a culinary icon on the West Coast, thanks to head chef Paul Cunningham and his team. The cosy Henne Kirkeby Kro is an inn of 12 bedrooms and a restaurant boasting 2 Michelin stars. So it’s a luxurious-yet-charming base from which to explore the beautiful nearby beaches.


Take part in the spectacular island kite festivals

At two of the West Coast’s picturesque islands, Rømø and Fanø, you can stand in awe beneath a sky filled with kites, during their International Kite Festivals. Some are as big as cars! The windy wide beaches on these popular holiday islands are also great for sand buggying.

Surfing för alla i Västjylland
Photo: Niclas Jessen

Surf’s up at Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is a place where everyone can enjoy getting active by the sea, thanks to its unique location on a spit of land between the dynamic North Sea and the calm waters of Ringkøbing Fjord. It’s a watersports mecca for all kinds of surfing and at all kinds of levels. So you can start out or test your skills right here!

Ein Bild von einer Ringreitervorstellung vor dem Schloss Sønderborg mit einem Reiter im historischem Kostüm
Photo: VisitSønderborg

A Knight's Tale at Sønderborg

Every July the fjord town of Sønderborg goes all medieval for Scandinavia’s biggest titling festival. And before you ask, tilting is a mad medieval sport where you ride a horse with a big pointy stick at rings that get smaller and smaller. Each town in the very south of Denmark has their own ‘titling at the ring’ festival. It’s a sight to behold!

Photo: Bang Clemme Film & Openhouse - Kongernes Jelling

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Jelling & Christiansfeld

The south of Denmark is rich in cultural sites and you can tick two UNESCO World Heritage Sites off your list here! The Jelling Viking rune stones are Europe’s most impressive Viking monuments. Nearby Christiansfeld is a town with a truly unique feel, built by the Moravian religious order in the 1700s. Try their honey cakes!


The Koldinghus castle ruins and Trapholt Museum

The city of Kolding is a cultural gateway to the region, when you cross into Jutland from Copenhagen, via the island of Fyn. Here you can explore the imposing castle ruins of Koldinghus, perched at the end of Kolding Fjord. And not far from here is the stylish Trapholt Museum, where you can explore contemporary Danish arts and designs.