Bib Gourmand restaurants in Denmark

Photo: Oscar Houmann - Kødbyens Fiskebar

The Bib Gourmand is an international award given each year to exceptional restaurants with reasonable prices. While they aren't necessarily the cheapest eats, they can be a great deal if you want to try some of what Denmark’s fine dining scene has to offer without breaking the bank.

Bib gorumand restaurant Anarki in Copenhagen
Photo: Anders Hviid


The team at Anarki (led by head chef Rune Sauer Sonnechsen) seem to challenge the common dogmas, as they draw inspiration from all corners of the world. As an added bonus, Anarki proofs that gourmet food and good service does not have to cost the equivalent of the newest smartphone.

Barabba is Bib Gourmand restaurant in Copenhagen
Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen


Barabba serves contemporary Italian food where you can choose whether you're in the mood for the more traditional and authentic flavours, or rather want to try the well-known dishes with a modern twist, such as seaweed tiramisu.

Bib gorumand restaurant Enomania in Copenhagen
Photo: Enomania


Are you passionate about Italian wine? Then Enomania is the place to go, because the name of the restaurant basically translates to wine enthusiast (or maniac - depending on the degree of fandom). And while you're at Enomania, why not pair that wine with a creamy risotto and homemade Italian sausage?

Smørrebrød at Restaurant Anx
Photo: Visit Aarhus


This stylish restaurant in Frederikshøj focuses on classic Danish smørrebrød. With perfectly chosen, traditional ingredients and a modern twist - expect perfect presentation and a charming and efficient service. 

Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

Kødbyens Fiskebar

Despite being located in one of the old meat halls in Copenhagen's Meatpacking District, Kødbyens Fiskebar is all about fish and seafood. You can simply relax in the sofas while enjoying a glass of wine paired with a few nibbles, have a drink at the bar with a bite to eat or dine at the tables while getting the full and delicious treatment. TIP: In Summer, the beach chairs outside restaurant is a popular hangout spot to have a few pre-dinner drinks.

Bib gourmand restaurant Marv & Ben in Copenhagen
Photo: Marv & Ben PR photo

Marv & Ben

While strolling through Snaregade, one of Copenhagen's oldest and most picturesque streets, you'll come across this delicious gem of a restaurant. Marv & Ben (Marrow & Bone) offers Nordic gastronomy based on local and mainly organic produce, which makes this restaurant a great suggestion for you to dive into the Nordic cuisine.

Bib gourmand restaurant Mêlée in Copenhagen
Photo: Stine Christensen


At restaurant Mêlée, you can enjoy an intimate dining experience in a relaxed setting. Mêlée offers uncomplicated and timeless French-inspired dishes based on top quality produce.

Silberbauers Bistro in Copenhagen
Photo: Jesper Hedemann

Silberbauers Bistro

Previously Manfreds, this cosy Bistro on Jægersborggade in Copenhagen has transformed into a friendly restaurant with a focus on fish and shellfish. Well-priced, freshly caught fish and top-quality produce give a simple but flavourful menu. 

Bib gourmand restaurant Pluto in Copenhagen
Photo: Konrad Frank


The phrase "sharing is caring" is the mantra at restaurant Pluto. Just a stone's throw away from the King's Garden, you can sit down and enjoy an informal family style dinner.

Bib gourmand restaurant Pondus in Copenhagen
Photo: Søren Gammelmark


With the number of spots to hold Michelin awards growing even more this year, Aarhus is certainly establishing itself as a culinary force to be reckoned with, and Pondus is a worthy example. A sister to the Michelin-starred Substans, the more affordable modern Danish bistro, Pondus, offers organic New Nordic plates at a more affordable price.

Bib Gourmand restaurant Selma in Copenhagen
Photo: Restaurant Selma


Want to try a true Danish lunch classic? Then smørrebrød is the one for you - and while the name of these open faced sandwiches might be difficult to pronounce, they are delicious to eat! At restaurant Selma, they have taken the art of smørrebrød to another level. Furthermore, Selma is located just around the corner from Nørreport Station which makes it the perfect lunch spot when you are exploring the inner city of Copenhagen.

Restaurant Møf Copenhagen
Photo: Moefmadbar


Owned and run by an experienced young couple, this place in Aarhus is contemporary with monochrome décor and counter dining. Dishes are modern in style but Danish at heart and made with local produce.



The ‘Bear’s Basement’, in the heart of Frederiksberg, has been a restaurant for over 130 years, and references to the furry creatures are legion in this cosy, characterful eatery. Smørrebrød are served at lunch, with more substantial dishes in the evening, and the carefully crafted plates have flavour, imagination and a modern touch.

Norrlyst Restaurant Copenhagen
Photo: Emil Eshardt


This intimate bistro is all about seasonality. Lunch offers delicious smørrebrød and dinner is a top-quality 4 course set menu. Tasty, local produce is at the heart of their meals accompanied by some brilliant local beers and, of course, some excellent snaps. 

Restaurant Møntergade in Copenhagen
Photo: Jonas Buhr


Restaurant Møntergade has beautifully minimalistic surroundings - with a classic touch. Here you'll find generous portions of traditional Danish food for both lunch and Dinner. Great value and of course, extremely tasty.