Bornholm – an island of everyday culinary heroes

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Everyone’s talking about Bornholm, until now one of our best kept secrets! The sunshine island has always drawn Danes, but now the secret’s out, more and more people are tasting Bornholm’s unique island culture. Read on to meet the local food pioneers transforming this foodie destination.

Why you should taste island life on Bornholm

Bornholm has always been a special destination, beloved by us Danes. But the charming island nestled in the Baltic Sea has transformed from a secret spot of fishing villages and smokehouses, to a culinary destination enticing people from all across the world.

On a dot of Danish land in the Baltic Sea, chefs have elevated local ingredients and sparked an island-wide culinary awakening. (Travel + Leisure)

The island’s vibrant transformation to a diverse gastronomic hotspot, is largely thanks to the locals who’ve gone back to their roots and drawn economic strength from Bornholm’s beautiful and fertile natural landscapes. So not only is it a tasty place to visit, but you’ll find no better place to get up close to local artisans and food producers in their natural habitat!

The Michelin beach shack that changed Bornholm

In 2007, local islander Nicolai Nørregaard opened a restaurant in a shack nestled in the dunes on idyllic Dueodde beach. Kadeau would kick-start Bornholm’s food revolution, with its menu of locally sourced seasonal produce showcasing the very best ingredients from the island. If you get a chance to try a meal here, you’ll not only get to savour local food and drink, but also eat from local tableware, surrounded by local designs.

The local liquorice giant at Svaneke

The local liquorice giant is not a mythical creature (though that would be pretty cool). It’s Johan Bülow! You might have sampled his exquisite liquorice treats, Lakrids, which you can buy as far away as the USA. But it all started here. In 2007, Johan Bülow opened his first Lakrids store in the previously fishing-dependent village of Svaneke, now the ultimate place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The smokehouse heroes of Bornholm

Bornholm once depended on its distinctive white-towered smokehouses and you can visit 10 of them still working today. The traditions of smoking fish have passed down from the very first smokehouse that opened on the island in 1866. Fish is smoked over the fragrant embers of alder wood fires and you can buy or taste from the experts themselves at the cafés and shops attached to the island’s smokehouses.

Hasle Smokehouse on Bornholm

Photo:Niclas Jessen

The annual Sol over Gudhjem competition

Every summer, chefs from far and wide compete at the picturesque harbour at Gudhjem to make Bornholm’s most famous local dish; Sol over Gudhjem. Head here to see Bornholm’s best take on international chefs, inspired by the natural ingredients Bornholm can offer. There are many places on the island that you can try Sol over Gudhjem, a tasty dish of smoked herring, raw egg yolk, chives, and radish, served on freshly baked rye bread.


How to get to, and around, Bornholm 

You can fly to Bornholm from Copenhagen (just half an hour) and other airports in Denmark with Danish Air Transport. Many people drive from Denmark, crossing the famous disappearing bridge over to Sweden and then taking the ferry from Ystad to Rønne on Bornholm. Once on the island, cycling is a fantastic way to see the island. You can also hire cars in Rønne.


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