Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle Denmark

12 castles you should visit in Denmark

Photo: Peter Kirkegaard - Heartland Festival

Walk through Danish history and the homes of the Danish Royal Family, past and present, at these stunning castles in Denmark. Get up close to the Danish crown jewels at Rosenborg Castle, spend a fun-filled day at Egeskov Castle or act out your best Hamlet impression at Kronborg Castle.


Frederiksborg Castle – the perfect day trip from Copenhagen

Frederiksborg Castle is one of the most famous castles in Denmark and for good reason: situated on three islands surrounded by a lake and beautiful gardens, it's simply breathtaking. Home to the Museum of National History, the grounds are full of rich history, art, architecture, and gardens. There's no question Frederiksborg Castle is a top highlight when venturing outside Copenhagen. 

People hanging out in front of Kronborg Castle in Helsingør
Photo: Daniel Overbeck - VisitNordsjælland

Kronborg Castle – Home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Put Hamlet’s Castle, Kronborg, on your list of things to see whilst in Denmark! Whether you’re looking for things to do near Copenhagen or have more time to explore, there's time enough to visit Denmark’s most famous castle, immortalised by Shakespeare back in the 1600s. It's easy to get to without a car: the train journey takes under an hour from Copenhagen Central Station.

Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle Denmark
Photo: Peter Kirkegaard - Heartland Festival

Spend a fun family day at Egeskov Castle

Egeskov is for the whole family. Europe’s most impressive historic garden and the best preserved moat castle in Europe. Exhibitions satisfying everyone, and a playground that will take your breath away. A place for a great family day out! 


Christiansborg Palace - The Danish Parliament Building and former Royal Palace

Christiansborg Palace served as the Royal Palace up until 1794. Today, Christiansborg houses the Danish Parliament and internationally the palace is known from the popular Danish TV series Borgen. The Royal Family do however still make use of Christiansborg for certain stately functions and events. You can walk through the royal reception rooms, watch the view from the tower or explore the ruins under the palace which dates back to the 1100s.

Rosenborg Castle in King's Garden, Copenhagen.
Photo: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

See the Danish crown jewels at Rosenborg Castle

When wandering about in Copenhagen, you will definitely walk past Rosenborg Castle, a petite castle filled with 400 years of royal history. Inside the castle walls, you can see the Danish crown jewels and coronation thrones, while outside you can stroll through the King’s Garden which is a popular spot to hang out for locals and visitors alike.


Wave to the Queen at Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg is the main residence of the Denmark’s Royal Family, so if you are interested in royal history, a visit to Amalienborg Palace is a definite must-do. While standing in the beautiful palace square, you can experience the changing of the guards. And if you want to get a glimpse of the Queen or Crown Prince family make sure to time your visit to the Queen’s birthday (April 16) or the Royal Run (June 10)!


Sleep and eat like royalty at Dragsholm Castle

Dragsholm is one of Denmark’s oldest castles, but is nowadays functioning as a hotel and a Michelin-starred restaurant, Slotskøkkenet. So if you've always dreamed of a royal treatment, why not go ahead and book a stay at Dragsholm Castle?


Put Marselisborg Palace on your Aarhus bucket list

On the outskirts of Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, lies Marselisborg Palace which functions as the summer and Christmas residence of the Royal Family. When the Royal Family is not in residence, you can stroll through the Palace grounds and enjoy the Queen’s rose garden.


Fredensborg Palace - The Palace of Peace

Fredensborg Palace is the regents most used residence and the palace is frequently called Denmark's Versailles. The elegant Baroque castle was named by King Frederik IV, whose mind was occupied by peace at that time, and who wanted to commemorate the ending of the Great Northern War in 1722 (Fredensborg Slot literally means the Palace of Peace).

Gråsten Palace in South Jutland
Photo: Sønderborg Turistbureau

Explore the beautiful palace gardens at Gråsten

Winding Paths, vast lawns, woods, lakes and flower beds blending uniquely with the South Jutland landscape - that is Gråsten Palace Gardens in a nutshell.

Nyborg Castle on Fyn
Photo: Nicolai Godvin - Østfyns Museer

Defend the Great Belt Region at Nyborg Castle

Nyborg Castle dates all the way back to the 1170s where it was built by the royals as part of the defence against the Wends. Nyborg Castle formed a fortification of the Great belt region together with the castle on Sprogø and Tårnborg Castle near Korsør. Every year in July, you can experience a large Medieval market and festival.


Visit the last royal castle in Jutland, Koldinghus

In the center of Kolding in East Jutland stands Koldinghus, a royal castle build in 1268 to guard the border. At this old castle, you can follow in the steps of Danish royalty, go on a treasure hunt and the kids can dress up in beautiful renaissance robes.


Oh, 12 castles aren't enough for you?

Well, then you're in luck! We have a lot more castles spread all across Denmark. Check out our full list of castles in Denmark which are well worth a visit and find out more on their history, opening times and how to get there.