9 things you can only try in Fyn!

Photo: Storms Pakhus

Go beyond the home of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense and explore Denmark’s green heartbeat. Fyn is covered in gardens, woods, parks and connected to its own archipelago. It’s nearly impossible not to see a castle in Fyn, an island full of unique attractions too like bridgewalking!


Spend a fun-filled day at Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle is no ordinary castle. It’s a destination all on its own, packed with outdoor activities, exhibitions and festivals (such as the popular Heartland music festival) throughout the year. Plus the Egeskov Castle Garden was recently named the best in Denmark. It’s not a bad backdrop for a picnic!


Mingle with the locals at Odense’s street food market

Odense now has its own street food hotspot, Storms Pakhus, where you can rub up against the locals and try world cuisine in the cool surroundings of an old warehouse. And don’t worry, it’s warmer than it sounds. Some might even say it’s hyggeligt. (Note: Hipster beard is optional.)

Bridgewalking Lillebælt on Fyn
Photo: © Lillebæltsbro (1935) - Anker Engelund. Fotograf: Mitch Wiesinger

Try the only bridgewalking outside Sydney!

If you’re into bridges (and if you are that’s fine. We’re not judging you) then you’ll love this. Fyn is the only place outside Sydney that you can harness up and climb up into the belly of a massive bridge. See Fyn from a whole new angle!


Visit the childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen

Now, you’ve heard of Hans Christian Andersen before, right? Good! Because he’s the most famous Dane that ever there was. Hans Christian Andersen came from Odense and the atmospheric old town is a place where you can truly step back in time, into the world of his fairy tales. Buy a one-day ticket to Hans Christian Andersen’s Odense and follow his trail through Odense.

Magic Days Festival
Photo: Erling C Hollmann/Magic Days Festival

Get your cosplay on at the Magic Days Festival

Deep in the heart of Denmark each October there gather wizards, goblins and… Hagrid. Previously called the Harry Potter Festival, these fantastical few days have evolved to draw in enthusiasts from the wonderful wider world of fantasy. It’s a sight for muggles to behold!

Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle
Photo: Peter Kirkegaard/Heartland Festival

Experience the ultimate chill out at Heartland Festival

Music from big international artists, long summer nights, a dramatic castle and gardens as a backdrop; what’s not to love about Heartland Festival?! Get tickets for this unique festival held at the start of summer each year and let yourself disconnect from the bustle daily life.


Soak up the atmosphere of Fyn’s cutest towns and villages

National Geographic recently picked the cute seaside town of Kerteminde as one of Europe’s best secret villages. Nearby you can visit Denmark’s only Viking ship burial ground at Ladby. At the old port of Faaborg you can jump into the sea from their iconic outdoor swimming baths. And the pretty harbour of Svendborg is a good starting point to explore Fyn’s many neighbouring islands.


Disconnect on Fyn’s many islands, including picturesque Ærø

The archipelago of small, laid-back islands around Fyn’s coast is one of Denmark’s best kept secrets. You can cycle or drive between islands, taking quaint ferries or crossing pretty bridges, with the calming sound of water at your side. Get to know the Danish way of life at the many small villages along the way, such as the beautiful Ærøskøbing on Ærø.

Photo: © Michael Fiukowski & Sarah Moritz

Get the perfect picture at Valdemar’s Castle

Fyn is full of instagrammable spots, both natural landscapes and manmade attractions. Valdemar’s Castle on Tåsinge island is one of these, particularly the tea pavilion set right on a bay with views over the sea. Bonus fact: The castle and museum is also home to Denmark’s biggest mini golf course!

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