Aerial view of Hesnæs on Nykøbing Falster, Denmark

Sustainable travel in Denmark

Photo: © Daniel Villadsen

Discover our green certifications and the many ways you can explore Denmark while supporting local communities and the natural world.


Sustainable restaurants

Photo: Matteo Acitelli

Travel outside peak season

Travelling outside the peak month of July helps our aims of tourism sustainability.

Cherry Blossoms Bispebjerg Cemetery, Copenhagen


Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle Denmark
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Black Sun at the Wadden Sea National Park
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Nyhavn in winter
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More about sustainable Denmark

The old railroad on Amager in Copenhagen
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Woman walking towards a windmill at Hvide Sande, Jutland
Sustainable business events
Sct. Thomas Plads
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Authentic experiences
A girl smiling at the camera, Denmark

Go green on events

If you're looking for sustainable conference and meeting venues in Denmark hop on over and visit our business events site.