Holzfässer in der Brennerei Fary Lochan Destillerie

9 Danish whiskies you ought to try

Photo: Fary Lochan Destilleri

Danish whisky is having a moment, with a raft of new distilleries opening across the country making the most of the local grain and water. Why not take a tour of some of the island nation’s best whisky distilleries?

Ærø Single Malt Whisky
Photo: Ærø Whisky

Ærø Whisky

Tucked away on the island of Ærø, this whisky distillery is housed in a former wash house at the old merchant's court (Den Gamle Købmandsgaard). Since its beginnings, the distillery has used barley grown directly on the island - and notes on the whisky bottles tell you the exact origin of the grain. During the grocery store opening hours, you can visit the distillery for free, and guided tours and tastings are available on request.

Whisky barrells at Brænderiet Limfjorden
Photo: Brænderiet Limfjorden

Brænderiet Limfjorden

The Limfjorden distillery produces whisky, various kinds of liqueurs, beer schnapps, herbal schnapps, rum and brandy. And there’s more! In addition to the distillery, there is also a bar and a restaurant, and in the distillery's garden you can rent one of the cosy refurbished huts and spend the night there.

Whisky tasting at Stauning Whisky
Photo: Stauning Whisky

Stauning Whisky

Grain, fermentation, alcohol and wood - a visit to the multi award-winning Stauning whisky distillery is an experience for all the senses. Learn more about how nine friends came up with the unusual idea of ​​making their own whisky in West Jutland, and take the chance to taste the different types of whisky on site.

Whisky der Brennerei Fary Lochan Destillerie
Photo: Fary Lochan Destilleri

Fary Lochan Distillery

Nettles and whisky? Sure. At Fary Lochan distillery, fresh nettles play a crucial role as they are used to smoke the malt, adding a special touch to the whisky. The distillery also produces liqueurs, various schnapps and gin and offers tours where you can immerse yourself in the world Danish whisky, and more. 

Whiskyfässer von Mosgaard Whisky
Photo: Mosgaard Whisky

Mosgaard Whisky

The microdistillery Mosgaard Whisky is located in an idyllic former farm overlooking apple orchards and the South Fyn Langelandssund. Since 2015, whisky from local, biological raw materials is created here according to Scottish tradition. Guided tours and tastings are available on request, and locally-made Danish whisky and gin can be sampled at any time in the lovely farm shop.

Brauerei Trolden Bryghus
Photo: Trolden Destilleri og Bryghus

Trolden - brewery and whisky distillery

The Trolden Whisky Distillery is right next to the Trolden Brauhaus in Kolding, and creates whisky, beer, gin, vodka and rum. For the whisky, the distillery uses only barley from Danish cultivation to give it an authentic Nordic flavour - you can take a guided tour with tastings to see if you can spot the difference.

Thy Whisky
Photo: Thy Whisky

Thy Whisky

In 2009, farmer Nicolaj Nicolajsen came up with the idea to refine the ecological products of the family-owned farm and turn them into whisky. Today, Thy Whisky is still made from local ingredients grown in and around Thy National Park. Guided tours and tastings take you to the Whisky warehouse in the former horse stables. Thy Whisky No. 9 Bøg Single Malt was voted "European Whisky of the Year" in the world's largest whisky guide - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2020.

Whiskyfässer in der Nyborg Destillerie
Photo: Nyborg Destillerie - VisitNyborg

Nyborg Distillery

Nyborg Distillery has a unique home – it is housed in the old freight train factory of the Danish State Railways at the former ferry port of Nyborg. In addition to the whisky inspired by the Scottish tradition, gin, rum, schnapps and spirits made from regional fruit are also distilled here. Guided tours are only available in Danish so far, but the former workshop houses not only the warehouses but also a restaurant and a café where you can linger for a while.


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