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Photo: Maria Sattrup - Copenhagen Media Center

VisitDenmark’s PR team is on hand to assist with story ideas, interviews, stats & figures and general information about Denmark for your news and features.

Press Trips to Denmark

All requests for media visits are assessed on an individual basis, according to circulation, availability and budgets but priority is given to target media from our nine core markets; Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, UK, US and China.

To be considered for support, digital influencers must have a strong following in one or more of our key markets and alignment to our target audiences.

To most effectively meet your editorial needs, we ask that you read the following guidelines and send us an e-mail with your name, full details on where your article will appear, publication title, circulation, mobile number, e-mail address, details of how you plan to travel to Denmark etc. Please send the form to your local PR Manager.


VisitDenmark does not pay for hotel accommodation for individual press visits but we can liaise with hotels to try to secure a media rate for visiting journalists depending on the media outlet. Offers of complimentary accommodation are at the discretion of our partner hotels.

Assistance VisitDenmark may provide

  • The latest information on what's new in Denmark.
  • Sample itineraries and bespoke suggestions and inspiration for destination stories.
  • Contact information for public relations representatives for hotels, attractions and restaurants.
  • Images and video footage of Denmark.
  • Interview opportunities and help in finding relevant spokespeople.
  • Insights & statistics.

Assistance VisitDenmark cannot provide

  • VisitDenmark cannot provide public transport tickets on location. 
  • VisitDenmark does not cover taxis, rental cars or vans for media and/or film crews.
  • We cannot provide accommodation or transfers to the airport/train/ferry in your country of departure.
  • We do not hire out guides or escorts for the length of a journalist and/or film crew's visit.
  • We do not produce any type of attractions pass.

For all press & media enquiries, please contact your local PR Manager.